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Gulls 3

For non-birders, the fact that there is no such a bird as a sea-gull is sometimes hard to comprehend. Looking […]

Gulls 2

Comparing English and scientific names can be confusing in gull species. The agreed classification for gulls at this point in […]

Robin 2

German ornithologist Ernst Hartert (1858–1933) was the first to describe the subspecies of Robin present in the British Isles (Erithacus […]

Robin 1

It’s coming on Christmas, and there will be Robins everywhere. Cards decorated with this chat in snow, in trees, in […]

Book Review: The Urban Birder

The Urban Birder David Lindo London: New Holland Publishers, 2011 222 pp. £9.99 hardback ISBN: 978-1-84773-950-6 David Lindo is a […]

Anagrammatic naughtiness

After the strict scientific naming revolution of the eighteenth century, the nineteenth century gave way to a bit more word-play. […]

Great (White) Egret

In a recent query on the Glamorgan Rarities Committee blog regarding Great (White) Egret, John Wilson asked whether Great White […]

Gulls 1

Of the 54 gull species on the IOC world list, 24 are Larus gulls, 12 are Chroicocephalus, 5 Leucophaeus, 6 […]

Plant and Bird Names

There are quite a few examples of scientific names stretching across plants and animals (hemihomonyms). Most of the animals in […]

The The

Definite articles shouldn’t cause any difficulty in the English language. Unlike in German, for instance, where a plethora of definite […]