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EMBERIZIDAE Brehm, 1928 C. L. Brehm. “Uebersicht der deutschen Vögelarten.” Isis von Oken, Bd. 21, Heft 12 (1828), col. 1278. […]


SITTIDAE Lesson, 1828 R.P. Lesson. Manuel d’ornithologie; ou Description des genres et des principales espèces d’oiseaux. Paris: Roret, 1828, 1: […]


CERTHIIDAE Leach, 1820 W.E. Leach. Synopsis of the contents of the British Museum. 17th edn. London: Richard and Arthur Taylor, […]


TICHODROMIDAE Swainson, 1827 William Swainson. ‘On Several Groups and Forms in Ornithology, Not Hitherto Defined.’ Zoological Journal 3, no. 11 […]


CINCLIDAE Sundevall, 1836 C.J. Sundevall. ‘Ornithologiskt System.’ Kungliga Svenska vetenskapsakademiens handlingar, 3rd ser., t. 23 (1836), 91. Cinclus Borkhausen, 1797 […]


PRUNELLIDAE Richmond, 1908 Charles W. Richmond. ‘Generic Names Applied to Birds during the Years 1901 to 1905, Inclusive, with Further […]

Robin revisited

Erythacus rubecula Robin or Redbreast, by J. Gould and H.C. Richter, in John Gould, The Birds of Great Britain (London: […]


Grus, by L. Reichenbach, in Avium systema naturale. Das natürliche System der Vögel (Dresden and Leipzig: Expedition der vollständigsten Naturgeschichte, […]


The Aeghitalidae family epithet was first mentioned by L. Reichenbach in Avium systema naturale. Das natürliche System der Vögel (Dresden […]

Lanius Shrikes

The genus name Lanius found its description in Carl Linnaeus (as Caroli Linnæi), Systema naturæ per regna tria naturæ, secundum […]