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Book Review: The Urban Birder

The Urban Birder David Lindo London: New Holland Publishers, 2011 222 pp. £9.99 hardback ISBN: 978-1-84773-950-6 David Lindo is a rising star in the world of celebrity birders, due to his exposure in various BBC television and radio programmes, a … Continue reading

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Anagrammatic naughtiness

After the strict scientific naming revolution of the eighteenth century, the nineteenth century gave way to a bit more word-play. Anagrams, for example, became one way of lightening the mood and of stretching an existing scientific name into related species … Continue reading

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Great (White) Egret

In a recent query on the Glamorgan Rarities Committee blog regarding Great (White) Egret, John Wilson asked whether Great White Egret should be down in the East Glamorgan Bird Report as Casmerodius albus, following the Collins guide, or as Ardea … Continue reading

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Gulls 1

Of the 54 gull species on the IOC world list, 24 are Larus gulls, 12 are Chroicocephalus, 5 Leucophaeus, 6 Ichthyaetus; the remaining 7 are single or dual species genera. The latter’s names are not always what they make out … Continue reading

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Plant and Bird Names

There are quite a few examples of scientific names stretching across plants and animals (hemihomonyms). Most of the animals in question are insects and invertebrates, though some are fish, and occasionally mammals (Nelsonia) and birds (Archboldia, Leptosomus). In the Western … Continue reading

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The The

Definite articles shouldn’t cause any difficulty in the English language. Unlike in German, for instance, where a plethora of definite articles is used depending on gender and case, the English language knows only one: ‘the’. Easy. Recently, however, ‘the’ has … Continue reading

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Marmora’s Warbler

The Marmora’s Warbler found near the Blorenge, Gwent, 3 June, is the latest in a series of megastar birds to hit the British Isles in the past weeks. If accepted it will be the fifth record for Britain and the … Continue reading

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